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Re: My New Still-Advice needed

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  • w_upnorth
    ... response. It is a bit farther along than when I initially posted the pictures. Do check out the pics and let me know i fyou can see any flaws in the
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 20, 2004
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Zarklan Zhaphedoix
      <fermentsindarkness@y...> wrote:
      > I am working on a still and have posted pictures at
      > the following address:
      > http://zzhaphedoix.photosite.com/Workinprogress/
      > The still is largely dumbbell shaped with one
      > condenser at the top. Distillate is collected in the
      > common condensation chamber and then diverted either
      > back to the Cu++ mesh reflux column or to the take off
      > path way. I am 80 or so percent done and welcome
      > feedback. Do let me know what you think.
      > -ZZ
      > I originally posted this to the distillers forum but did not get a
      response. It is a bit farther along than when I initially posted the
      pictures. Do check out the pics and let me know i fyou can see any
      flaws in the system.
      I have to agree with justin about the amount of distillate that you
      will have to collect to isolate the nastys and bad taste. Even with a
      small resivor it takes a fair amount of rinsing with clean distillate
      to get a clean taste. Just think of all the moisture hanging on the
      walls and condenser that have to be rinsed off before you get that
      pure tasteless spirit.

      Another point that you may want to look at is your proximity of vapor
      to your condensation coil. In your pics it looks like a lot of empty
      space. Im willing to bet a "shot" that most people that use 1/4" by 1"
      by 12" copper coil find that they need to put a scrubber in the coil
      to eliminate vapor loss. But I do understand wanting to be innovative,
      I also had to build a condenser that is unlike anyone else's. And like
      you I got a little carried away, my head will cool 140,000 btu and
      more. This is done with a lyberg style head that forces vapor to
      within apx 1/8" of a cold water jacket.

      I also would like to know if you have a pressure relief hole on your
      condenser, if not you will blow a seam some where for example your
      thermometer cork. I know that it will not explode but vapor out the
      cork hole isn't going into a bottle.

      Next I would look at the valves, ball valves are very hard to fine
      tune. I would also eliminate the reflux valve and line. Instead I
      would put another hole below the thermometer hole, cut the product
      line off close to the valve put in a tee to the new hole and replace
      the valve as close to the tee as possible. That way you have very
      little distillate pooling as it will overflow back to the column and
      refract and you control both processes with one valve. You may want to
      go to 1/4" line here with a needle valve just to make adjustments
      Look for an ice maker water like kit if you cant find a valve.

      Also insulation on the boiler and column would be a good idea.

      I can tell from your picks that you built a sturdy frame that looks
      stabile and you are smart enough to screw it to a wall if it dose
      shake and shimmer. also your condenser is easy to clean with the
      entire top coming off. (In fact you may want to power down the still
      after the heads come off long enough to give your condenser a wipe and
      rinse job.)
      So im not trying to tell you to scrap this project but we are just
      trying to point you in the direction of future improvements.

      Well that is my rant I hope it helps, and feel free to ask questions
      not everyone is combative

      Free advice is worth exactly as much you paid for it


      > Thanks
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