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Re: Potato Mash gone wrong

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  • Harry
    ... on ... drawn ... as ... 18kg ... water. ... rest ... still ... it ... over ... for ... took ... the ... immersion ... up ... filter ... Hi Lukas, If you
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 14, 2004
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Lukas Paige <lukas@q...>
      > Guys,
      > Thanks for the replies.
      > The high wine produced is definitely over 90% ABV and my cuts are
      > VERY generous. The Z filter made a noticeable difference but
      > obviously not enough. What is the process for putting your vodka
      > carbon for weeks at a time?
      > I have used dextrose for the sugar wash and found that it made a
      > really sweet spirit. Now when tasting commercial vodkas I can tell
      > when a little or a lot of sugar is used. I am continually being
      > to the eastern European vodkas - root veges and grain - so am hell
      > bent on going down the wort / wash process. I started with spuds
      > they are the easiest to get, but after a first failed attempt, I'm
      > thinking the flaked wheat / barley from a brew shop looks like the
      > better option by far.
      > A little about my failure. I washed and sliced (chip size) about
      > of organic spuds and topped up a 50Lt stainless stock pot with
      > I brought this to the boil (over about 5 hours) and then let is
      > over night. The next morning it was fairly well broken down but
      > with lots of chunks that I was expecting to filter out. I then put
      > back on the heat and added 1Kg of malted barley a bit at a time
      > regular intervals bringing the whole thing up to 42 deg C, hold
      > 15 minutes, 55 deg C hold 15, 65 hold, 75 hold, 80 mash out. It
      > one and a half days to cool! I have a water cooler that I am in
      > process of hooking up to provide condenser cooling and an
      > chiller so that will help for future runs. After cooling, I ended
      > with a thick brown slop that I don't even want to attempt to
      > and pitch yeast into! Back to the drawing board.
      > Any suggestions?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > LP.

      Hi Lukas,
      If you want to find out a bit more about potato usage, then
      read "Distillation & Denaturing 1907" Chapter VII. It's in our

      Yes it's a hundred years old. Yes it deals with commercial
      quantities. However it may give you some ideas. After all, these
      are the origins of the products we are trying to emulate. You could
      do worse than go back to the source.

      regards Harry
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