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    I ve been looking at the whole Build it and save option... after reading HEAPS - ( over the last 2 or so years ) I ve decided to build one.. I did the ring
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 7, 2004
      I've been looking at the whole " Build it and save " option... after reading HEAPS - ( over the last 2 or so years ) I've decided to build one..

      I did the ring around - and at 5L costing around $260+... I'm pretty sure that for $200- I can build something pretty "Whacko" that's gonna do the trick.. ( 25L was just a SS pail with a locking lid - and a heater element $320- ) with a " Super Reflux head " -WOW- ! ( not ! ) /sarcasm

      Got the designs, and have a rough design for one I want to build.. mainly concentrating my effort on the condenser core, jacket and the column body..

      If I just top out a 50L keg - is this going to be excessive as far as volume goes ? I dont want to have multiple still's sitting around collecting dust - I'd prefer to just build one.. and stick with it..
      And SWMBO will get right upset when she finds out what my latest 'Hairbrained-scheme' is.. :)
      I've been hunting down an old SS water urn - there dont seem to be that many floating around - and buying new will freak me out if I stuffed it..

      Where do you guys recommend getting copper pipe ? should I be looking for any particular type ? I have heard of 'annealed' and a couple of other types...
      Also, for bending right angles and getting elbows happening - how do you do it without creasing the pipe ?

      What packing do you guys recommend for the column body ? I've seen glass - beads - steel and copper scrubby's used.. some wisdom from the knowledgeable is appreciated....

      I was considering gas vs electric - gas is easy, but possibly dangerous.. using this in my workshed could cause carbon monoxide issues.. and I've been told you need to consider it like " Boiling petrol on the stove " - so with that in mind - maybe electric's the option ? gas could get costly - burning for hours on end.. the bottle will bleed out in no time..

      And again, thanks guys for being so helpful ! I've learnt more here in a couple days than reading and asking everyone over the last 2-3 years..

      - Chris.

      "Murphy-Marsh, Leigh" <Leigh.Murphy-Marsh@...> wrote:
      HI Chris,
      Also a Perth boy. Unfortunately I threw out my old still when I got my
      PDA or you could have had it. No boiler of course.
      Anyway, Good luck and the only advice I can give is read lots about the
      subject before you set out to buy anything so you know what you are
      looking for. Especially stuff sold from brew shops as a lot of it is
      just OK. Not excellent.
      Good luck mate,

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