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RE: [new_distillers] Re: Length of tubing in the condenser coil

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  • Robert N
    Justin you are correct, you do not need to bother with the second needle valve, and in fact you can use a half inch copper tube as the return line. Think of it
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 25, 2004
      Justin you are correct, you do not need to bother with the second needle
      valve, and in fact you can use a half inch copper tube as the return line.
      Think of it this way, if you are running the still at 100% reflux you want
      all the liquid to flow back into the tower, if it doesn't, (second valve
      turned off or flow restricted) what will happen is the liquid will continue
      to pool up until it overflows through the section of pipe that the vapour
      travels upward towards the condenser. When I built my first still I didn't
      use the "H" section as you are, I used an elbow and placed a tongue inside
      of the elbow to make the returning liquid drop into the centre of the
      scrubbers. I welded a fitting under the elbow and fitted the tap to this.

      The two tubes in the copper end cap you speak of only has to be slightly
      different in height, make the one that flows to the valve as flush as
      possible with the base, you can even try a slight thump on this tube with a
      hammer or similar to make the liquid pool in it's vicinity. The return line
      only needs to be slightly higher, this height is not critical. Although any
      great pool will cause the liquid to loose too much heat and consequently,
      the liquid will drop a lot further down the tube before returning to a
      vapour state.

      Yours in Spirit



      From: justin_dittmann [mailto:justin_dittmann@...]
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      Subject: [new_distillers] Re: Length of tubing in the condenser coil

      Thanks Tony, I bought 6m of 1/4" and coiled if up last night. 5m was
      spot on and I have ~1m left for the collection and reflux return
      tubes. Excellent. I appreciate your advice guys, that coil chewed up
      a lot of copper ;). Also got some nice brass fittings and a needle

      Actually, on the needle valve bit, I also read and saw some pictures
      that suggested using only one needle valve on the collection tube
      and saving some $$ by not buying or using a second needle valve on
      the returning reflux tube as you can just run the reflux return tube
      back into the column without the need for a valve.

      I understand this concept and why you can do it. Now, obviously I'm
      new to this and haven't done a batch yet. For easy of use (learning)
      and later on, would you recommend getting a second needle valve for
      the reflux return or just use the straight return tube? If going the
      straight option with no valve, how high should the return tube
      intake be above the collection tube intake (as this is going to
      affect the volume that collects here)? I'll be using a 2" copper end
      cap where my distillate will collect and my reflux and collection
      tubes start.

      Thanks guys, sorry for the questions.

      Cheers, Justin

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      > I'd suggest that 5m would be suitable.
      > Tony

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