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Re: impossible results?

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  • pmbcaton
    Hey -- I know this is an old posting, but your style seems right up my alley, and I m just getting ready to build a pot still. Cannot wait to get things going.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25 8:47 PM
      Hey --

      I know this is an old posting, but your style seems right up my
      alley, and I'm just getting ready to build a pot still. Cannot wait
      to get things going. If you have time, I'd be eager to know:
      1) what angle is your lyne arm, to get such purity?
      2) Is this hobby really a cheaper, higher quality way to drink?
      3) What is the most reasonable amount of mash to make at once? Can
      you ferment too much and force yourself to work three days cooking it
      4) Is a digital thermometer pretty much all you need, along with
      something to measure %?
      5) How are those yeast companies? Are they cool to deal with?
      Expensive, reliable?

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Snowblind Moose
      <tonkay1@y...>" <tonkay1@y...> wrote:
      > I've been running a pot still for about 8 mo. I owe most of what I
      > know to the experienced folks on this site. I usually make a mash
      > out of one of the 8kg. turbos (i've tried differend brands - same
      > results). I then add a clearing agent and run it through my very
      > efficient pot still (I incorporate what's called a "reflux angle"
      > the lyne arm). The distilate is in the low to mid 60's (%abv). I
      > then filter it and cut it and add one of the many
      > commercial "essences" (my favorite is the "Black Legend Canadian
      > Whiskey") and get a real acceptable sippin' whiskey! Some folks
      > frown at my crudness - but what the hell - I'm happy (and so are my
      > friends!)
      > I have at least 25 batches under my belt. I'm well aquainted with
      > apparatus and my digital thermometer. Here's the reason for my
      > I decided to make a "berry brandy" - I've got LOTS of freezer-
      > raspberries & blueberries. I fermented them with "Prestige Pot
      > distiller's yeast" only I used about 3 times the amount of fruit.
      > The rest of the directions I followed to a "T". It was impossible
      > get an accurate S.G. due to the fruit pulp in the slurry at the
      > start, so I didn't have an accurate fix on the alcohol content when
      > it had worked down to a S.G. of 1.0. I guessed at 14 - 16 % bassed
      > on the amount of sugar addded (7 kg.) and an unknown sugar content
      > the berries. My still stated dripping heads at about 76 degrees
      > Which is earlier than has ever happened (usually low 80's). I
      > colleceted hearts AT A STEADY 85.2 C! The end product tested a 82%
      > abv. with my alchometer which has proven itself accurate, verified
      > calculations from the table (temp. vs. %abv) in the home distillers
      > web-site. According to the same table, it would mean that my berry
      > mash was at least 25% abv! I've always though that was impossible!
      > Bottom line is that I wish the abv was lower in the mash - then
      > of the berry flavour would have come through. It's quite drinkable
      > though! Does anyone have an explanation other than what my Bro.
      > to me - "With what you've been drinkin' lately, I think yer seein'
      > things!"
      > Snowblind Moose
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