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WORLD EXCLUSIVE!! "Artisan Distilling" by Kris A Berglund

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  • Harry
    People, I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of a brand new book for our library, Artisan Distilling: A Guide for Small Distilleries by Kris A
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      People, I am very pleased to announce the acquisition of a brand new
      book for our library, "Artisan Distilling: A Guide for Small
      Distilleries" by Kris A Berglund. For those who don't know, Kris is a
      University Distinguished Professor with the Department of Chemical
      Engineering & Materials Science Department of Agricultural Engineering
      Michigan State University and Professor and Division Head Division of
      Biochemical and Chemical Process Engineering Department of Chemical
      Engineering and Geosciences Lule� University of Technology Lule�,

      He was the subject of an in-depth interview on fruit brandy (schnapps)
      in the latest American Distiller magazine...
      Kris has kindly consented to provide us with a copy of his excellent
      book on schnapps production. To my knowledge, we are the first people
      to give it a public viewing. This book is a work in progress, in that
      it will be continually revised and updated as Kris' work at the
      University is centred around this field. I am assured we will continue
      to receive the revisions as they occur.

      For anyone interested in alcoholic fruit processing and/or schnapps
      production, I urge you read the book (102 pages). There's a wealth of
      pertinent information I've not seen elsewhere or in these forums. If
      you want a hardcopy on CD (trust me, you will) then contact Kris
      direct. His email is in the book. Enjoy!!!
      Oh, The addy?...

      Look for "Artisan Distilling".

      regards Harry

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