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RE: [new_distillers] Wow!!

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  • Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)
    Its a little late now isn t it ? By this site I assume you mean Egroups.com You may want to check with them regarding their privacy policy, but assuming that
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2000
      Its a little late now isn't it ?

      By "this site" I assume you mean Egroups.com

      You may want to check with them regarding their privacy policy, but assuming
      that they are an American company, I presume that they would have to divulge
      email adresses etc to the BATF or whoever, should push come to shove.

      A little paranoia might be a healthy thing - many people use anonymous
      addresses such as Yahoo to do their mailing through, but again, it is likely
      that your starting IP address can still be sourced. An example of this was
      how fast the "ILOVEYOU" virus was tracked back to its source within a day.
      I think would likewise have a pretty quick visit by the Feds if you started
      emailling threats against your President on this group. I think all you can
      hope for is that have some sort of threshold that you have to cross before
      you catch their attention; eg is it worth all the hassle of tracking down a
      single distiller who's putting our an occasional gallon or so for personal
      consumption whilst you are still having high school masacares every week or
      so, and other high crime rates compared to the rest of the developed world.
      Start mailing stories however about running a 100gal still every week or two
      however and you might be singling yourself out. Remeber Capone was finally
      done on tax evasion.

      But yes, as a starting point, I'd assume that several of this groups members
      are from the repective Excise/Customs/BATF agencies around the place


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      Tony that was a quick reply I appreciate it! No I don't have a
      hydrometer I know I know get one right!! Well we'll see what happens.
      While I've gotyour attention Is there anyway the Law here in the U.S.
      can find out through this site that I may have dabbeled in the 'shine '
      making process before [allegedly] ??

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