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Re: Thanks for the help guys, here is what I did today

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  • bingara2002
    ... single ... could ... with ... Liter) ... please. ... after ... Just ... G day Shane Looks neat and tidy so I m reluctant to put a damper on it but I m sure
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 9, 2004
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "shinershane"
      <shinershane@y...> wrote:
      > http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2004-1/619141/still1.JPG
      > Don't hit me to hard about the solder job or the use of too many
      > pieces, as I used what I had already on hand. Anyway in my opinion
      > it's a still, not a Commemorative pistol. I was advised to use
      > reducer but already had a DL built. I lost a little by not doing
      > that. I have 21" of packable column. Put a m/f connection so I
      > get it into three pieces and fit it all in the dishwasher. The T
      > teflon tape fits very tight into the top reducer and I am sure it
      > will not leak. I did not want to solder here as I wanted to be able
      > to get it apart. Everything sits on a desti style pot (16 1/2
      > Sits on my stove and has about 2cm clearance between condencer and
      > ceiling. Something I learned today that might me of use. Use water
      > soulable flux, cost a bit more but you will really like it. I did
      > anyway.
      > I have not drilled a hole in the top for a vent yet. You guys got
      > any ideas on the size the vent hole should be? One more thing
      > My kitchen stove is of course 220v. Any advise on how to run it
      > heat up and stabilization? Big element? small element? setting?
      > fish'n guys, Thanks again
      > SS

      G'day Shane

      Looks neat and tidy so I'm reluctant to put a damper on it but I'm
      sure that what Johan meant was for the condenser to come off at an
      angle one way with a slight slope so that the condensate will run
      back to the head. As you have constructed it a fairly large pool of
      condensate would accumulate in the tee condenser body before it
      started to drain back to the head. Wouldn't mean that it won't work,
      just not desirable and the efficiency of the condenser coil would be
      reduced by hot vapor first coming into contact with the middle of the
      condenser coil instead of the end. A 3/8" vent hole at the highest
      point near the inlet tubes should be adequate.

      Tony has previuosly explained to you some of the problems with
      getting high quality product from a short packed column and from my
      own experimenting I have to emphasise that in my experience the two
      most important factors are type and density of the packing and the
      ability to control accurately heat input. In order to get top quality
      product from a 20" packed column on a 16l boiler you would need to be
      able to restrict power input to a STABLE 500 - 700w and have your
      product take off at no more than 4 drops per second or about 1
      litre /3hours. Temperature controls on kitchen stoves do not provide
      stable power control and unless an element or hotplate was run at
      maximum ie. no temperature variation, you would experience surge
      boiling and therefore eratic vapor flow in the column. I think you
      will find that even your smallest stove element will have a rating
      well in excess of 700w. Having said all that, give it a go and see
      what happens.

      If you have problems with heat control, an easy solution is to use a
      small benchtop electric stove/griller or just a hotplate. I was able
      to pick one up secondhand very cheaply and for those times when I
      don't want to use my larger boilers I can accurately control heat by
      running through a Surtronics controller with the element/s on full.
      Of course that could be used at floor level which would also overcome
      your height problem and let you go to a longer column. A better
      solution would be to fit a Still Spirits still element to your boiler-
      -they simply screw in after you have made the hole.
      PS Make sure you clean that flux up.

      good luck

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