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Re: meths

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  • John Quinn
    ... From: Matthew O Brien To: Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 4:03 PM Subject: [new_distillers]
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      Subject: [new_distillers] More questions (was still design)

      > Hi again everyone,
      > You may recall I am currently building a still, and have been asking lots
      > questions! Sorry - but heres some more!
      > I've just been going around the place getting the bits and pieces I need,
      > and have run into trouble trying to get a needle valve for the spirit
      > outlet. This is what is detailed in the plans, but no-one has been able
      > get one for me. The closest I can find is a brass gate valve - would this
      > do instead? (I'm guessing so, but thought that I would check) I'd put
      > onto the outlet pipe using brass compression fittings - does the plastic
      > inside the compression fittings react with alcohol?
      > Secondly, are there any problems with having brass in the column? I am
      > planning on putting a male/female screw fitting between the head and the
      > column, so the head can be removed, and the only way I seem to be able to
      > this is with two brass tube bushes. Any problems with that? I assume
      > and copper can be soldered together?
      > Thanks again.
      > Matt
      > This isn't quite on the question but going back briefly to meths drinking
      I recall as a 12 year-old schoolboy sitting alongside a serious paper-baggie
      drinker in Christchurch's Square at about 12 noon. Being a country boy, I
      knew about the toxics in meths and asked him how he removed these to avoid
      having the blind DTs? He said they let the meths filter through sliced up
      raw potato. Be Jasus, is that how they make poteen? DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!
      regards John
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