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9825Re: [new_distillers] Re: [Distillers] Vapor management versus reflux control

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  • Mike Nixon
    Dec 9, 2003
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      Shane Kirkman wrote:
      Subject: Re: [new_distillers] Re: [Distillers] Vapor management versus
      reflux control

      So would a cup or 2 of boiling water tipped down the condenser tube after
      the heads are removed help remove the tainting?
      Hi Shane,

      It might, although you usually need to give components a good scrubbing with
      detergent, or soak in some active cleanser, to really shift those

      Frankly, I wouldn't worry about it. What we are talking about here is a
      tiny amount of additional purification which is probably only worth
      bothering about if you are after ultra pure ethanol for use with scents or
      essences. In that case it is then probably better to go the 'dedicated
      path' way and try to keep as much of the heads away from your main product
      collection path.

      Just shows how far we have all come on this list (which was supposed to be
      for newbies!) that we are now discussing removal of trace compounds! Just a
      couple of years ago it was "what the hell is distillation?" :-)

      Mike N
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