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9367Hey! Shannon & Michale, talk to me.

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  • shinershane
    Nov 1, 2003
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      Shannon & Michal, I am as dumb as a rock about a lot of things. I
      never had the chance for much of an education as the third grade is
      as far as I got. My daughter taught me what little I know about
      computers. This is a group for new distillers and you are not here to
      be graded on your grammar and Pronunciation. Harry was way out of
      line, Piss on him! I can explain things in a very simple manner that
      you can understand. I know jack squat about most of the technical
      jargon that is spoken here. It just goes right over my head. But! I
      can still pull 95% from a 1/2 meter of column. Email me anytime and
      lets talk distill'n