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  • cobber19_98@yahoo.com
    Aug 1 7:01 AM
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      Here is a drawing of my still, i haven't finished it yet but
      hopefully it will b alright. It's one metre tall (1.5 inch copper)
      with a 400mm long condensor and a couple of pass through pipes for
      the reflux, i have seen that most pll with this sort of still has
      either a pass through pipe at the bottom and at the top but mine r
      both at the top, but mine has pure cold water through them not warm
      water from the condensor. I was wondering if i should change that to
      warm water or not or leave it the way it is????? (P.S. it has valves
      to adjust the flow of all water! the picture is a bit crude) Thanx
      alot KRAMER!
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