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9025Re: HELP: what is the difference in barley

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  • flaming_pinto
    Oct 3, 2003
      2-row generally has the lowest nitrogen content, therefore has more
      convertable starch - that means more fermentable sugars and higher
      alcohol yeild.

      6-row has more husks on each seed and therefore contains much more of
      the enzymes required to convert all the starches in a mash.

      Usually, if you are mashing corn or other non-malted grains, you want
      to add some 6-row for the enzymes. If you are mashing all barley
      (like I am at the moment) You want to use mostly 2-row for maximun
      yeild, but also add some 6-row to ensure you have plenty of enzymes
      for the conversion.

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