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8339steam cleaning carbon

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  • Vector180W@netscape.net
    Aug 1, 2003
      Remember reading somewhere about using steam to clean/rejuvenate carbon.

      Anybody doing this? is it worth it?

      Im using a stills super reflux so it indeed needs filtering and Im sure I can get more out of the carbon than one run. the problem is how to steam clean it. I saw a household hand held steam cleaner in a shop( overgrown kettle really with a spout)
      I have a few questions. does the steam need tobe under pressure. or can I simply connect the spout to the bottom of my filter pipe and hope the steam rises up thru the colum.(my filter is simply 40mm of high presure PVC pipe.) or should I expect it to produce enough pressure that I feed the steam in at the top and hope it eventualy filters down. I cant see that either of these would end up cleaning all the carbon so

      what does everyone else do?

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