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8081Re: [new_distillers] Re: bending copper tubing

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  • Mike Nixon
    Jun 10 4:38 PM
      w G wrote:
      Subject: Re: [new_distillers] Re: bending copper tubing

      OK,  so How the hell U get salt in 27' of 1/4" tubing
      LOL  sounds like a bit of work to me..
      1/4" tubing, if softened first by annealing ... heat until copper starts to change color and then leave to cool (or quench quickly in water ... it makes no difference with copper) should require no filler to bend without kinking.  Just wind slowly around a dowel or other former, pulling hard on the free tubing as you do so.  If you must use salt, use very fine table salt.  If the grains are still too big, you can easily grind it finer with a pestle and mortar ... or even a rolling pin on a hard flat surface.  It powders very easily.  Taping a cone of paper around one end of the tubing makes a nice funnel that doesn't take up space inside the tubing.  Tap the tube often, as advised by 'trailsendag'.  Make sure the salt is very dry before you start pouring by leaving it on a tray in a warm oven for half an hour.  Even iodised salt soaks up some water from the air and will not pour as easily as bone dry salt.
      Mike N
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