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8064Re: [new_distillers] Re: bending copper tubing

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  • Brandon Lee
    Jun 9, 2003
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      rolling coils of copper is fairly easy once it has been heated till the metal changes color-- at that point drop the whole coil into a bucket/vat of cold water-- this softens the tube where it will almost bend like wire--i then take a piece of 3/4 inch tube--chuck it in the lathe--turn the head stock freehand till i get the desired length--un chuck the head end of the pipe-- slide your larger tube over the one just turned and do the same operation back towards the head-- you wild up with two perfect coils- the inner one being 1" i.d.-- the other being 1..5 i.d. with two long tails to connect your water attachments to--no kinks--
      your brother in the spirits

      the1foy <the1foy@...> wrote:

      >   What is the best way to bend quarter inch tubing without kinking
      > it.
      >   I have tried bending around one inch pipe and kinked and tried
      > spring type bender and can not get it to move once bent and tried
      > hand held bender but can not get it in tight engough circle.

      Anyone know how bad kinks are for a condensor?  Because there are two
      in my coil, but water still seems to flow through it reasonably well
      (from the sink, my still still isn't finished...sorry, I couldn't
      resist)...anyone running a condensor with a few kinks in it

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