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8062Re: bending copper tubing

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  • nanosleep
    Jun 8, 2003
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      Anneal the tubing with a propane torch. This works
      wonders, and you'll be surprised at how soft the
      tubing will get. Simply get the tubing red hot,
      and then let it cool. After you make a few bends
      the tubing may start to get work hardened. Just
      reheat it to red hot and let it cool again. You
      can do this many times without any problems. With
      a little patience you can get 1 inch coils from
      1/4 inch tubing.


      --- chevdiesel97 <chevdiesel97@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Distillers
      > What is the best way to bend quarter inch tubing
      > without kinking
      > it.
      > I have tried bending around one inch pipe and
      > kinked and tried
      > spring type bender and can not get it to move once
      > bent and tried
      > hand held bender but can not get it in tight engough
      > circle.
      > thanks for info
      > Thomas Deutschman
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