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8059Re: [new_distillers] bending copper tubing

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    Jun 8, 2003
      As you bend the pipe -- do it very slowly. Also pull
      on the end you are bending so there is constant
      tension (this keeps the pipe from collapsing). At any
      rate tight bent pipe does loses circular shape and
      becomes sort of ellipsoid in cross section, but it is
      OK -- keep trying... my personal record is "double
      helix" (meaning concentric two coils) fitting in 2"
      copper pipe.

      --- chevdiesel97 <chevdiesel97@...> wrote:
      > Hello Distillers
      > What is the best way to bend quarter inch tubing
      > without kinking
      > it.
      > I have tried bending around one inch pipe and
      > kinked and tried
      > spring type bender and can not get it to move once
      > bent and tried
      > hand held bender but can not get it in tight engough
      > circle.
      > thanks for info
      > Thomas Deutschman


      I can be wrong I must say
      Cheers, Alex...

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