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8024Heads or tails for Gert Strand's Amazing Still

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  • Bob Bourne
    May 31, 2003
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      Following the instructions for Gert Strand's Amazing still -


      - and using his Turbo 48 hour yeast (8kg sugar wash) I ended up with a
      "vodka" that was tainted. I've tried using Carbon to clear it up but NG.

      "That's tails!" a friend of mine said. "That's how tails smell!"

      (I did another shorter 12 hour distillation giving about half a litre and
      that seems to me to be OK, or better anyway. Though I doubt my nose now!)

      1) Any one had direct experience who can comment.
      2) How do you separate out heads and tails with a plastic still.
      3) One gets the impression from the adverting _blurb_ that if one follows
      the instructions a very palatable product will just happen.
      4) Is that just _hype_ again then!?

      Cheers (paying for my experience) Bob Bourne.