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7126Re: humidifier tap-valve kit - drawing blank looks

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  • CornFed (Randy) <cornfed15@hotmail.com>
    Feb 27, 2003
      it is a kit to do a live connection to a larger water tube.

      The 'saddle' bolts around the 1/2 inch ID (in this example) copper
      tube and forms a water tight seal. It will have a treaded fitting on
      one side to allow you to force screw the pointed end of the tapping
      valve into the side of the larger tubing. The needle valve will be
      behind that and have fittings to accept the (normally 1/4 OD)
      tubing. after this point the assembly acts like a normal valved
      water connection. The 8 meters refers to the length of the 3/16 inch
      (or 1/4 OD) plastic water tubing.

      if you intend to rob the needle valve from it it is another place to
      find a valve. If you intend to use the tapping assemble to connect
      to your still, it will have a ridge inside of the copper tube that
      wont have a smooth flow to the valve.

      the inside of the tapped copper tubing will look just like you used a
      hammer to drive a nail thru the sidewall.

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Bourne" <bourne@v...>
      > humidifier tap-valve kit (½" saddle valve and 8M (25') 3/16"
      plastic tubing)
      > I'm getting a lot of blank looks on this one. Can anyone give me
      more guff.
      > What is it? What does it do? Other names for it?
      > Bob Bourne.
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