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6962RE: [new_distillers] Fining & Clarifying Agents

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  • Robert N
    Jan 31, 2003

      I currently use the ‘Turbo Clear’ product from www.stillspirits.com and find the product to be as good or better than most other fining agents that I have used including gelatine egg white and just ‘time’ to let the things settle out.


      Does anybody know what this product is made from?


      Would adding my used activated carbon to the wash before distilling have any real effect? Has anybody tried this?


      I source the Turbo Clear from the local home brew shop and was wondering where other people source there fining agents as well as other consumerables from?


      Yours in Spirit!







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      A handy reference for those who have not seen it at the 'Distiller'


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