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6961Re: [new_distillers] Final Word on Baking Soda Distilling

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  • BillyWeeble@cs.com
    Jan 30, 2003
      In a message dated 1/30/03 5:09:15 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      bokakob@... writes:

      << I am not sure why I never saw the blue distillate; it tasted very much OK
      to me and it was significantly “smoother” then the previous runs. >>

      Hi bkk, My first guess would be you use SS scrubbers instead of copper.
      The surface area of the copper scrubbers would certainly cause more
      oxidization and distillate pollution than only the surface contact of the
      column and outspout walls. And your results are exactly why I tried using
      baking soda to raise the ph so many months ago. It seemed to me that reducing
      such an acidic environment would temper both the "flavor" and the oxidation
      in the still itself. Well, out came the blue, so I posted my problem and it
      was explained by Tony A that I could rectify the problem by lowering the ph
      and running it again (among other info). That post may have been lost to
      memory overwhelmed by the other thoughts and imagination running so thick and
      fast with the brilliant minds of this group.

      << but considering the outrage of more experienced people on this forum >>

      I have not seen any outrage but I have seen concern. When one reads, they
      "hear" the person speaking, but imagination is almost always larger than the
      reality of the situation. I refuse to use "smiley faces" for fear they would
      dilute the meaning of what's being said. My wife uses them might be a better
      reason why I don't. :) see? it just ain't me.

      << my sincere apologies to those who tried the experiment and ended up with
      a thorough clean up duty
      (why the hell it worked for me?!!) >>

      No need to apologize for sharing information that occasionally may not
      work for others - if we learn from our mistakes we'll soon be geniuses (or
      even geniuser) but the best learning comes from our successes. My recent
      experiment was already in the tubes (literally) while you were doing yours.
      If I can keep anyone from experiencing what I do wrong...that's what this
      group is about - sharing both wins and losses. Hey, I've tried to do what
      others have failed at before and, well, let's not talk about that now...
      Bkk, I don't know why adding baking soda worked for you and not me (both
      first and second runs). The next test for me is to take a small sample of 94%
      and add baking soda to it in a GLASS! What the heck, I don't give up too
      easily. And if you do use SS scrubbers, you might have something there. The
      baking soda experiment might fly just dandy in a total SS system but it sure
      reacts negatively with copper. That's the key right there.
      Don't allow my observations to stifle any future outward expansion of
      your curiosity. Heck, they're only here to build on. Thanks for the great
      posts and ideas you share. Keep up the good work!
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