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691Re: spirit hydrometers

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  • tedsims@yahoo.com
    Jun 1 7:41 AM
      Home Brewing Supplies in Lilburn, Georgia carries Proof/Tralle
      scale hydrometers. (770) 638-8383 I don't know if they take
      orders over the phone but if not I'm sure they can tell you the
      distributor. You also need one of those long test-tube like things
      to use it with. This is where I could use some help. The one I
      was using for beer has been completely destoyed by the high
      proof alcohol (crazes, then crack; if you don't rinse it, melts). I
      need one that isn't plastic. Oddly, Home Brewing Supplies does
      not know where to find a glass one, only the usual plastic ones
      made by Fermtech that will fail almost immediately.

      --- In new_distillers@y..., blueflame456@y... wrote:
      > don't laugh but what kind of hydrometer is best suited for the
      > m easurement of alcohl contents in the spirit world---and
      where can
      > one be purchased in the US
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