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  • Robert N
    Jan 11, 2003

      Hi Harley, the tap water here comes out at 27degrees C. Even recirculating the water and changing it once it reaches 50C, I go through 400 litres per run! Now if only I could tap into the neighbours swimming pool J


      Have a great day!



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      From: Harley Daschund [mailto:harley_daschund@...]
      : Sunday, 12 January 2003 12:34 AM
      Subject: Re: [new_distillers] Re: cooling water


      I have 20 gal(4 5gal buckets) of water I have (re)used for the last  2
      months....with the cold temps this time of year,I can 'cook' 5 gallon
      'batches' and only use 2 buckets of water....I circulate the water with a
      small 'water-garden' type pump....works great in cold wx but not very well
      in summer...:>)

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      ><< Any home distiller with an inkling of concern for conservation would
      >  be loath to use mains pressure to run their condensor. Water is
      >  precious and we should act responsibly.


      >     Amen brother,  I don't know where Cornfed has been lately. He has a
      >set up for recirc water and I'm not going to take his moment.
      >     Mine is like yours with a twist - the "tank" is in the bathtub and
      >away from the faucets (chunk of wood under). A hole is high in the downside
      >to let the warm water flow out and the highside has a slow trickle of cold
      >water that enters the "tank" via an (empty) icecube tray to direct the flow
      >into it. The pump sits directly below the cool water coming in and the
      >flows into a jar tipped toward the outlet hole so the warm water "floats"
      >while the cooler water stays in. Yeah, it sounds convoluted but what the
      >heck, it saves water. I use 200ml a minute as replacement now instead of 2L
      >or more straight from the tap and now I can use as much as the pump puts
      >freely and indiscriminately. heh heh.

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