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6848Re: [new_distillers] Re: cooling water

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  • BillyWeeble@cs.com
    Jan 10, 2003
      In a message dated 1/10/03 6:23:25 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      tony6163@... writes:

      << Any home distiller with an inkling of concern for conservation would
      be loath to use mains pressure to run their condensor. Water is
      precious and we should act responsibly. >>

      Amen brother, I don't know where Cornfed has been lately. He has a great
      set up for recirc water and I'm not going to take his moment.
      Mine is like yours with a twist - the "tank" is in the bathtub and tilted
      away from the faucets (chunk of wood under). A hole is high in the downside
      to let the warm water flow out and the highside has a slow trickle of cold
      water that enters the "tank" via an (empty) icecube tray to direct the flow
      into it. The pump sits directly below the cool water coming in and the output
      flows into a jar tipped toward the outlet hole so the warm water "floats" out
      while the cooler water stays in. Yeah, it sounds convoluted but what the
      heck, it saves water. I use 200ml a minute as replacement now instead of 2L
      or more straight from the tap and now I can use as much as the pump puts out
      freely and indiscriminately. heh heh.
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