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6624Re: [new_distillers] Still improvement question

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    Dec 2, 2002

      It appears that your heat power is too high. try running the still with a spacers between the hot plate and the pot. you may want to use machine nuts. if it works out then you will have to think how to control input power for your heating element. i am so happy i use natural gas.

       deno752002 <waterline@...> wrote:

      I've given my new still a few more runs.  I am finding it difficult if
      not impossible to get the still to run with the column head
      temperature below 90 degrees C. 

      On the last run it stayed at about 93 degrees pretty well the whole
      time untill the run was finished and I wound up with distilate at
      55% which matches Tony's graph for vapour alcohol content. 

      I want to get the percentage in the distillate up a bit - more
      like an easily achievable 80% for which I would need a column head
      vapour temp of about the mid 80s.  (Am I basiccally correct

      At the moment my column is 2" by 2 feet high with scrubbers for 18
      inches in it.  Would lengething the height of the column by 380mm (15
      inches) and adding another foot or so of scrubbers allow it to run
      with a cooler head vapour temp?

      If not I might just have to make an internal reflux coil for it after

      Any suggestions most welcome.

      There is a photo of the still in it's current form at;


      Thanks in advance
      getctat the top of the column

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