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6620Re: Still improvement question

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  • Dene Oehme
    Dec 2, 2002
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      Thanks for the response Peter,

      Alcometer reads zero in water - heven't got anything to check the top
      end with. With my limited experience it does taste like 50%

      > if the power is low enough it will have sufficient
      > internal reflux for a pure distillate.

      That's what I was hoping.

      I'm collecting at under 10ml/minute. Haven't worked it out exactly.

      The main reason I diluted my already collected alcohol down to 10%
      for these test runs is becasue I'm guessing that's about the strength
      of wash I'll be using once I distill some real stuff. Basically I
      wanted the still to run as close to what it will with a real wash.

      > try blowing through your column to see if it is packed
      > too tightly.

      I do that each time I assemble the column and it's always flowed fine.

      > how are you measuring the percentage of such small amounts?

      I put the alcometer in a test tube, hold the test tube under the
      condenser outlet with a magic arm, once I collect enough to get a
      reading I note it and tip the contents of the test tube into a jar
      then start refilling the test tube again. Time consuming and tedious
      but accurate I suspect.
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