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6618Re: Still improvement question

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  • peter_vcb
    Dec 2, 2002
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      only 50%?? are you sure of this. try putting your alcoholometer in
      some water to see if it is reading ok, then try it in some commercial
      spirits (without sugar). does it taste like 50%. my old column was
      only 680mm packed and i easily got 92% from it (with reflux). how
      many ml/min are you collecting at. with a 1m column and a variable
      power contol you should be in the 90's even with no forced reflux. if
      you turn down the power enough the vapour will travel slowly up the
      column leading to more time for separation and if the power is low
      enough it will have sufficient internal reflux for a pure distillate.
      try aiming for about 10 or 20ml/min i.e. about 1 or 2 700ml bottles
      per hour. you mention diluting distillate back down to 10% leaving it
      strong will obviously give you a stonger output, the main reason for
      diluting back down is just to ensure your elements will still be
      covered in liquid when you are coming near the end of a run, you have
      no reason to dilute it back down since you have no elements. try
      blowing through your column to see if it is packed too tightly. also
      how are you measuring the percentage of such small amounts?

      --- In new_distillers@y..., "Dene Oehme" <waterline@o...> wrote:
      > --- In new_distillers@y..., "Dene Oehme" <waterline@o...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > Hi Dene,
      > > > Just some loose ideas...
      > > > Fill the column entirely with scrubbers,
      > > > Don't insulate the top part of the column.
      > > > Don't try to control the boiling temperature of the wash.
      > >
      > > Thanks Dirk - Giving it all a try now. Will let you know
      > > how it goes. I've also lengthened my column to just
      > > under 1 metre.
      > Ok.....New Question...... I've just run the still with the
      > improvements Dirk suggested and the longer fully packed column. It
      > ran with a head temp at around 79 - 80oC for most of the run,
      > increasing gradually towards the end but never over 88 or so. How
      > come I still got a distilate of only 50% average?
      > I was measuring alcohol percentage every 60 mils or so and the best
      > was the first at just under 80%. The rest were lower, dropping
      > proportionally throughout the run even though the head temp was
      > around 80 degrees for most of the run. I thought with the head
      > around there I should be looking at about 90%. What am I not
      > understanding correctly??
      > Thanks in advance
      > Confused.
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