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635reusing yeast

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  • Thomas Hart
    May 2, 2001
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      I have to jump into this one with my two cents.

      I have been a commercial brewer for about nine years and have won numerous
      awards with the beer I produce. I say this not to boast, but because I
      regularly reuse yeast and don't have any problems related to this practice.

      Yeast is a mean little creature and if it is given half a chance it will
      dominate its environment, killing off other bacteria and such. I have found
      that the greatest enemy of a brewer is lag time, or in other words, a delay
      between the time yeast is pitched and when it is in full ferment. It is
      during this time that all of those little wild beast that we don't want to
      dominate do their work. Many of these produce off-flavors that can be
      detected in very small amounts. Every "honest" brewer I know admits there
      are some of these in their brew. The trick is pitching enough yeast to
      insure that the beasts you want (your yeast) takes over.

      I have found the problem often comes when people use too little yeast, don't
      build it up correctly or do not aerate their wort enough. Many fear they
      will contaminate their batch through aeration, I say, the benefits far out
      weigh the risks. So, use clean and sanitary procedures and don't worry
      about it. This is by far the practice of the vast majority of

      Hope this helps.

      Peace- Tom
      the Stillpastor
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