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6335Re: [new_distillers] New Distillers FAQ

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    Nov 14, 2002

      Hey, Tony your site is G*R*E*A*T!!! Whant I noticed in this group there are many questions like this:

      - how to run pot still and its cut-off poitnts?
      - how to run a reflux and compound stills?
      - how to make a sugar wash?

      I thiught a very basic bible-like rigid directives would help to faithfuls...
      This way this list becomes a compressed essence of your site!

       Tony & Elle Ackland <Tony.Ackland@...> wrote:

      Hmmm.... I've been a bit slack about getting this out on a regular basis.
      Any suggestions for additions/changes etc ?

      I can be wrong I must say.
      Cheers, Alex...

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