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5856Re: [new_distillers] Taste to much like fresh bread.

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  • John Vandermeulen
    Oct 2, 2002
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      Bread taste? That sounds like a yeast-taste - which suggests that you look
      at your fermentation and clarifying steps. You used a sugar wash -
      1) did you pour off the wash, leaving yeast residue behind?
      2) did you clarify? How?
      3) what were starting and ending S.G.?
      4) was this a 20L Turbo fermentation? How large is your kettle?
      5) when you poured the wash into the kettle, did you end up with a clear
      liquid in the kettle?

      Also, how fast did you distill - it is possible that some yeast flavors were
      pushed over into the distillate if the still ran too fast.
      6) how many hours of distillation?
      7) did you pot distill once, or twice to get 140proof.

      John V

      Maxxon Gremillion wrote:

      > Hello, been very busy with School and all but trying to keep read up
      > on the post. I recently ran a sugar wash through a low budget pot
      > still and got nice clean good 140 proof product but it just taste to
      > much like bread to me. Do I need to run it thru the still again?
      > Something I might do diffrent to prevent this in future washes, Wadda
      > ya think?
      > Thank,
      > Maxx
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