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45094File - Welcome All new Members - and How to

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  • new_distillers@yahoogroups.com
    Jun 1, 2014
      Welcome all New Members,

      This site contains much information and a multitude of members with
      vast amounts of information. Please feel free to research and ask

      Archived Messages may be accessed by typing key word(s) in the search
      window at the top of this screen, or entering the actual message
      number (also review Advanced Search Options).

      The Files, Photos, Links and Database Sections are at the left of
      this screen, and contain many resources available to members.

      These include Links to the New Distiller's "Wiki" style Information
      Base with topics related to Fermentation and Distilling.

      In addition, you should consider reading through Tony Ackland's
      Homedistillers site at: http://homedistiller.org/ This contains all
      the information needed to start off. Another great resource is Harry
      Jackson's (the Owner of these sites) "The Alcohol Library", which contains
      many books and articles on the topics of Distillation. See: http://distillers.tastylime.net/library/

      The Database section contains the Information base with a quick
      search by key word. Just copy and paste the link to your
      browser address window.

      This Information base relies on Members to expand the contents by
      asking questions (even the most simple ones will be answered), and
      request new additions to be made by posting, if a topic of interest
      is not covered.

      A printable report of all topics is also available.

      Personal Files and Pictures may be uploaded (please keep to the
      subjects of Fermentation and Distillation - or else they will be
      deleted), in the Files and Photos sections also. These will have to be
      approved by a moderator.

      Note: Please create your own Folder first before adding your pictures or
      files. See Instructions to do this in those sections.

      Enjoy and BE SAFE.

      Thank you for joining us.

      The Management.
      (Harry Jackson - Co-Owner)
      (Jameson Beam1 - Co-owner)
      (Co-Moderators - Mason Jar Dixon (aka Rye Junkie), Riku, Trid and ZB - Zymurgy Bob)
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