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  • RLB
    Apr 17, 2014
      Thank you for validating most of my plan.  I have my ground corn, barley, wheat, and malted barley already mixed, and just need to pick up a new pillow case.  Will cook it all at 152 ish for 1.5 hrs., then take it up to a good boil.  Cool it to 152 ish and add more barley malt.  Let it cool slowly to 80 F and remove pillow case with grain.  Wash grain with with clean water and pitch yeast.  Add DAP and other stuff for a great tasting bourbon  wash.

      My gummy gooey mess is still inside my pillow case, so I flatten out the grain filled pillow case onto a cookie sheet.  Then it will be set on top of my malt dryer or slipped into my dehydrator until dry.  Later, separate grain cake from pillow case, place grain cake into storage for other uses, and toss pillow case into the washer.   I will let you know how well this works out once I move into my malt house/workshop in May.


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      From my own personal experience, boiling the corn to gelatinize the starch crystals makes the biggest, gummiest, mess of all, but there are a couple of ways around making epoxy/corn/gum. Adding some ordinary enzymes (either store-bought or from malted barley) to cold water and grain will hydrolyze a lot of the gummy stuff on the way up to boiling temperatures (I think it's called pre-malting), even though the enzymes will be denatured finally in the process. The rest of the process is the normal cool to 152 and then add final mashing enzymes.

      A super variation on that is the get some of our own Pint-o-shine's high temperature enzymes, and reduce that corn to liquid, and the starch to dextrins and then to sugar, all in pretty much one pass. This video is a real eye-opener to anyone that's fought the dreaded corn gum/goop.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

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