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45037Re: [new_distillers] Mashing

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  • Jay cell
    Apr 16, 2014
      How much water did you add to the mash?
      On Apr 16, 2014, at 3:43 PM, <jkmccull@...> <jkmccull@...> wrote:

      About 4 years back I made bourbon using the recipe of 5 lbs cracked corn, 1 lbs of cracked rye and 3.4 lbs of 6-row malted barley. I mashed the mixture, fermented, distilled and ended up with what I considered a good bourbon. I let the bourbon age for a few months and started sipping it. I gave some to my son-in-aw who stored it away with some charred white oak strips.  Once I started sipping the bourbon, it disappeared pretty fast. A month or so ago my son-in-law and I tasted the now 4 year old bourbon and good had turned to great. Now I have a hankering to make some more of the bourbon.


      I want to change my mashing procedure to see if I can increase the yield and make the process a little easier. I want to vigorously boil the cracked corn with the intent of extracting as much of the starch as possible. After the boiling I will strain out all the corn solids and save then. Then I will mash the corn starch, malted barley and cracked rye to convert to sugar. After the mashing, I will strain out all the solids and then ferment the resulting mixture with the corn, barley and rye solids in a mesh bag.


      Will this work?

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