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45031Distilling Beer

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  • an_it_chick
    Apr 14, 2014
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      Hi there
      In South Africa craft beer has taken off with a storm, so there are often a batch or two that is just not drinkable. Between ourselves and friends we ended up with 3 such batches and instead of throwing it down the drain, we distilled it. The first batch was an American Pale Ale with a sweet tasting end result - doesn't seem to be too high in alcohol content, the Blonde ale is a lot less sweet and the IPA has an oily taste (from the hops) and seems to be extremely strong.
      My questions are:
      1) Is there a different way of distilling beer?
      2) How do I calculate the amount of alcohol in the end result? The beer all had an alcohol level of 4.5 %  Blonde, 6% APA and 8% IPA.
      3) Should we distill it again to get rid of the oily taste?
      It can be done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLY8E7iSZYc
      Any suggestions or help will be appreciated since we can often have a batch of beer to distill!!
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