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  • Crazy Horse
    Apr 3, 2014
      I have seen a few comments regarding spirit coming out with a not too pleasant taste. I have several "purists" who firstly double distil then charcoal filter several times then wood chip the spirit. OK, tastes great but then so does ours and I think the secret comes in temperature.
      Most use electric stills with a thermostat controlled element that is immersed in the mash itself. We use gas. We also completely seal the still and pressurize it slightly and use a reflux head. Through experimentation we can get about 8lts of quality 80+% spirit out of 40lts of mash which is nothing more than cane sugar and molasses to produce a nice white rum flavor. No filtering or re-distilling required, just alcohol content reduction so it doesn't take your throat out! :-)
      The benefit of external heating as opposed to an immersed element, and this is only my opinion, is the mash closest to the element gets too hot and the rest not hot enough. I believe the slight pressure allows the alcohol the vaporise at a lower temperature.
      Oh! we also throw nothing away! (forget the methanol myth).
      There is a lot of experimentation in setting the gas flame just right and the water flow through the condenser but once set right, to date not a problem.
      Steve (NZ where its legal).
      (Yeast: Stillmaster Ultra 8 and fermentation uncontrolled on a boat for a week)

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