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44950Re: [new_distillers] digital temp controller WTB

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  • RLB
    Feb 17, 2014
      you really really need to rethink your distilling plans.  MP's, base with no privacy, and a different country is going to end up being a pain in your ass.  Brewhause has a great little economy still that is easy to build and perfect to hide in a closet.  If you take their idea and use glass and pottery rather than plastic, you should be able to hit 50% abv without too much of a problem.  It's slower but a lot safer and easy to hide.


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      I ordered the 26 gallon mile hi SS flute but will be leaving europe and going back to the states where in houses you can wire in to the circuit board 240 but I live in military barracks and there is no 220, only 110.  So, I am trying to figure out what I need to do in order to have proper heating, probably with a hot water heating element and not on the full 26 gallons but more like15-18.  However, I need to find a way to operate most likely using 110.  I have thought of a step up/down controller or if I have a private room with a stove upon returning stateside, pulling out and unplugging the stove and using that 240 power source.  Any ideas on what to do to overcome my situation.

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