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44875RE: [new_distillers] which yeast do you prefer

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  • Robert Hubble
    Jan 30, 2014
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      When you say "purest flavor", you're kind of raising an odd question. All yeasts, when they are fermenting create many different compounds, mostly esters, that flavor the fermentation, depending on temperature, wash concentrations, and of course yeast strain. This is called and "ester profile".

      One reason for picking a particular yeast strain is to get the particular ester profile that you desire for the product you're fermenting. For instance, if you're making a hefeweizen beer, you might want the banana and clove ester profile, and there are specific yeast strains to give you that. I use Danstar Nottingham ale yeast because it gives the Scotch ales and stouts I brew the flavor profile that I want. Note that "purity" of fermentation in the ferments I just mentioned, plus wines, rums, whiskeys, and most flavored spirits, would be considered a failure, so purity is not usually a goal.

      If, however, you are looking for a yeast with a light or modest ester profile, Lalvin EC-1118 is such a yeast, as well as having lots of other great attributes. A light ester profile does not mean no ester profile, however, and a good, clean, sugar wash with good nutrition will develop a pleasant fruity ester profile, so it's not "pure". On the other hand, an unreasonably-high wash sugar concentration and/or poor yeast nutrition, fermented at too high a temperature, can make an awful-flavored wash, even with EC-1118.

      Evidently, it's only Americans that expect their vodka to have zero taste, and prize that tastelessness, although a potstilled corn vodka from Texas, Tito's may be changing that,

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

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      Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 08:42:56 -0800
      Subject: [new_distillers] which yeast do you prefer

      I want to run four washes of which all components are the exact same:  Amount of sugar, amount of water, heat, SG, etc....However, I want to use a bakers yeast, wine yeast (I already have lalvin EC-1118), a turbo (black bull from Brewhaus) and an ale yeast.  Which bakers yeast and ale yeast do you recommend?  I want to see which one has the purest flavor and trying to get at least 160 proof plus. Thanks for the help.
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