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44874RE: [new_distillers] which yeast do you prefer

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  • Tom Brohamer
    Jan 30, 2014
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      Maybe I’m missing something, but Vodka is supposed to have no flavor at all, so you’d want to use the cheapest, least flavorful yeast possible.  I use Red Star baker’s yeast for my vodka.  It’s cheap, and ferments great.


      Now, if you’re talking about whiskey, rum, etc., then I would worry about the impact (flavor) that the yeast is contributing.





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      I am not sure which ones I prefer.  I say this because I have never used an ale yeast (only heard about it), never used bakers yeast but the black bull works well and just got some lavlin EC-1118 in so I wanna get some opinions and do a ferment/run of each with all proponents exactly the same and see which one will give me the best "vodka" in order to flavor myself.  I have also looked into making my own yeast as you say but am new(er) to distilling so I am starting simple and working up.  Also, thanks for responding to my post(s).  You and a few others respond quite vigilantly and rapidly to all of my questions and it is much appreciated. 


      Now, off to look up some Freshman's!!!


      On Thursday, January 30, 2014 11:33 AM, RLB <last2blast@...> wrote:


      For bakers yeast I used Freshman's Fast Rise with good results.  Smell was great too.  I know nothing about ale yeast.  I will be making my own yeast and enzymes, so I would suggest that you also look into making your own yeast.  It may not be perfect, but it will allow you to create your own flavor profile unique to what you are trying to make for yourself.  Remember that first run flavor comes from your grains, malts, and yeast.




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      I want to run four washes of which all components are the exact same:  Amount of sugar, amount of water, heat, SG, etc....However, I want to use a bakers yeast, wine yeast (I already have lalvin EC-1118), a turbo (black bull from Brewhaus) and an ale yeast.  Which bakers yeast and ale yeast do you recommend?  I want to see which one has the purest flavor and trying to get at least 160 proof plus. Thanks for the help.



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