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44831Re: [new_distillers] RE: State By State Liquor License Fees - USA only

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  • Alli Bugger
    Jan 23, 2014
      Thanks for the input. I'll call/email Bill Owens at ADI, send him a copy of what I did and see he knows if it exits anywhere else - believe me I would not have spent the time creating this sucker if had been able to find it elsewhere. I have no pride of ownership in this information and agree that it would be nice to publish it in a more formal/permanent fashion. If we want to do this, I for damn sure will need help because you just went a hundred miles over my head.  I will get with Bill and let you know what he says.  Alli

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      Subject: [new_distillers] RE: State By State Liquor License Fees - USA only

      Hi Alli,

      This is very helpful, thank you. I have been exploring licensing in Maryland. I've taken two passes at deciphering the regs in that state. While not exactly complete, I can provide more detail for Maryland. 

      Too often though these efforts become one-time and then are lost or recreated later. Even if this spreadsheet is just loaded up into the Files area of the Yahoo Group. Has this work been created elsewhere, such as on the ADI website? Don't think so, but maybe in the members only area? If not, creating it is a good thing.

      Perhaps a good solution would be to turn your spreadsheet into a wikipedia summary page? There exist many pages in Wikipedia already for the "Alcohol Laws of <pick your state>" but these refer mostly to the purchase and do not seem to include the production laws. A sane thing might be to have a wiki page dedicated to Alcohol Distillation, build up your table there, with links to each state for containing more detail. Then many hands can edit.

      If you are interested, I would be happy to help explore this idea.
      Does a suitable master page already exist? 
      If not, what should be the master page? 
      Where should detail; information be captured? In it's own type of page, or as a subsection of the Alcohol Laws of <state> pages?

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