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44827Re: [new_distillers] State By State Liquor License Fees - USA only [1 Attachment]

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  • kevin_kurland
    Jan 23, 2014
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      It is a tough process but I received my TTB license last year.  However you are incorrect in the fact that they can "turn you down without a reason", the fact is that by law they must provide a reason.  The granting of a license is not discretionary, you either meet the requirements or you don't.  Whether you can correct the issue or not is another issue but they must tell you why you were turned down.  My processing went very smoothly, also you do not have to have the still setup but you must at least have one on order and provide a serial number for it as well as your other equipment.  The TTB was very helpful and every agent I spoke with was polite and very pleasant.  I had my TTB license in 5 weeks.

       Your state license will be different, in my state I have to have my still setup for inspection., I also have to have my occupancy permit and town business license.  other than that they pretty much follow the TTB requirements.

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