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44548RE: [new_distillers] keg spear won't come out !

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  • Brendan Keith
    Dec 2, 2013
      It's been a while, but I think there is a small tab down the tube that has to be pulled back, releasing the spear.  I also remember one design that has a slightly labyrinthine pattern on the spear, so that you have to turn one way, lift, turn back, lift again, etc.
      Sorry for lack of details, just examine it closely and keep trying.



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      I've removed the coiled spring keeper, turned the valve so the tabs line up with the notches and the dang thing will NOT come out ! I can wiggle it so it's not jammed and tried to pry it up with a screwdriver to no avail. Any secrets to this? It's a 15 gal. Anhueser Busch .

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