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44539Re: [new_distillers] foodgrade silicone seal

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  • David Young
    Nov 28, 2013
      Thank you for your response!

      On Thursday, November 28, 2013 4:31 AM, Chris Davis <worm785@...> wrote:
      I have some the same as well with no problems thus far. But, the alcohol of high enough proof over time will degrade the seal. You can use it a few times, mostly to "season" the pot, and then I would just switch to a flour water paste for a seal. 

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      On Nov 27, 2013, at 4:01 PM, <luv2duckhunt88@...> wrote:

       I purchased a still off of ebay that has a food grade silicone seal on the pot.  I just read where silicone is not a good combo with alcohol.  Am I screwed?

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