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44410RE: Electric heat source size

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  • wzuccarello
    Nov 4 4:11 PM

      I have used a router speed to control from H. F. with my hotplate. Cheap and works great. Rated for 15 amps load. 

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      If I needed a controller, I would look at E-bay or Amazon for a Control Rheostat cost $25.  It would be a much less of a headache in the long run. 

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      I think the only electric source that makes sense once you step up to the keg is an immersion element. 
      If you want a source you can use with your current pot and the keg, look in that direction.  Keep in mind though that the element is the cheapest piece of that puzzle, costing only $7-20.  Getting one element to use for both pot and keg is fine, but a pain, once all the other things like wiring and control are taken care of, just get an appropriate element for each.

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