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44406Re: [new_distillers] Electric heat source size

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  • Bubbas55
    Nov 3, 2013
      i have a 1500 watt hot plate i got from mile high distillery in Colorado. it works great. i am also a newbi and now only have a 3 gal pot still for now..

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      I currently have a 5 gallon still and a 1000 watt electric hot plate to heat with.  It is very rustic I know but I am just beginning.  I don't want anything "too overly sophisticated" or expensive, but am planning to upgrade later to probably a 15 gallon pot and still want to use electric burner(s).  What is a good brand/location/wattage size for the 5 gallon now and a larger pot later?  Also, should I look into a wattage controller?  Thanks for all advice.
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