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44302Re: [new_distillers] thumper qustion

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  • Evan
    Oct 14, 2013
      Give us the post to the web site when it's up

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      On Oct 14, 2013, at 10:26 PM, RLB <last2blast@...> wrote:


      Keep an eye on E-bay.  Will be selling water purification pressure cooker pot stills (wink), thumpers, and air cooled condensers on E-bay and my new up coming web site.  They are simple to build, and you will know how to build one with just one glance.  Just a lot of soldering 14 joints in one design and 18 joints in the other design.

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      Subject: [new_distillers] thumper qustion

      any chance to see a photo or sketch of the tubing etc

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      Why not use copper pipe as a thumper?  My thumper is made out of 1/2" copper tubbing. A length of tubing, 90 degree elbow going down, 3 inch copper tubing vertical, a 90 degree elbow, 2" horizontal tubing, a "T" fitting with a 4" vertical tubing on top with a threaded cap.  A 2" tubing exiting the "T" horizontal. 90 degree elbow, 3" vertical tubing, an elbow, and a length of copper tubing.  Connect the thumper in line using unions, and fill thumper by unscrewing filler cap.  Place a few inches of water or tails into thumper.

      It operates just like a large thumper, but it heats up fast and producing higher proof alcohol.  One draw back to this design is that it does provide a great deal of space for solids.  Wash needs to be solids free to prevent clogging.

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