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44205Re: [new_distillers] Re: used barrels sold as planters as a source of oak wood for aging.

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  • RLB
    Oct 2, 2013
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      I was being sarcastic when it comes to worrying about bacteria in a used oak barrels or on oak barrel staves placed in a container.  The oak toasting process would kill all bacteria, and no bacteria I ever heard of can survive in alcohol with an ABV of 40 +.  If you are worried about bacteria tainting spirits, why not rinse off oak wood, or rinse out the barrel with tail before adding your spirit.

      You misunderstood my point: Once you have a high level (abv) spirit, that spirit will kill any and all bacteria.  If you read up on that bacteria, I think that you will find that it can't survive in 20% abv spirits.  I was the one who suggested that everyone take the time to learn how to make vinegar, so they will know what not to do while making spirits.

      I still have wash that I have not processed (6 months old), and it still has not turned to vinegar because it is kept in air tight containers. 

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      "am I reading what was being said correctly and that the Acetobacter wouldn't be able to impart off flavors in aging whiskey (above 40% abv)?"

      Mostly I think it would be vinegar imparting off flavours. and maybe that would depend on how long the infection had been present in and on the barrel insides.

      Can anyone with experience answer this?

      My point in reply to Robert was that acetobacter requires oxygen in order to oxidize ethanol for its own respirative energy requirements (IE the ethanol is its "food",) and as the barrels are sealed and the ABV is so high I question whether it could get a foothold.

      As to whether the oak in the barrell can be reused, I guess you will have to suck it and see.


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