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  • waljaco
    Sep 19, 2013
      Apples have 10% sugar content. Grapes have 24%.



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      According to information I have collected, apples have 24% sugar.  To increase apple sugar levels, you only need to concentrate apple pulp by removing water.  Freeze dry 4 times the apples you would normally use, crush them into small pieces, and then re-hydrate them with distilled water would give you 94% apple sugar to use in your batch for brandy.  94% apple sugar in a single batch should produce a wonderful apple brandy.  If you have the ability, you could go further by using filters to wash and separate pulp in the same way you would do when making beer. 

      I am sure that 24% sugar is just an average, so there are apples with much higher sugar content than 24%. 

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      You certainly won't get much production, not a lot of sugar in apples, you can try corn sugar, it does not leave the harsh bite that cane sugar does.  I use it for making beer and it works good.

      From: bubb4244 <bubbas55@...>
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      Subject: [new_distillers] need advise...

      i want to make some apple brandy. im told adding sugar will make it harsh... plan to add yeast only, let it work and distill... right???

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