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  • Alli Bugger
    Sep 4, 2013
      Thanks for your reply - I was beginning to think there was no one out there.  I worked the eastern half of PA for 3 years, from the Susquehanna River to Philadelphia, but that was 20 years ago.  There were spots of poor cell phone service back then, however I suspect it has changed significantly since then. Email is available from many sources today, not just a cable to the back woods. 
      I am not dumping on PA, but I am trying to get someone's attention to our cause.  If I hurt their feelings I am sorry.  Is there anyone else but me trying to get the message out to the hobby distillers and to congress?  If there is, I have not seen a single email or post.  If you would like to help, send me the names of the congressmen/senators you sent the proposal to and the date you mailed them so I can add them to the list
      It may be true that there are more meth labs and professional moonshiners in PA then there are hobby distillers.  We have no interst in any of those groups.  They are criminals. I don't believe for one minute there are no hobby distillers in PA that would like to see the law cahnged.  Maybe they have not gotten the message or maybe they just don't care - you never know until you ask and that is all I am doing!  If you have any ideas on how to do a better job at this than I am doing, I would love to here them.

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      I live in New York and I sent a note asking my Senators to support 26 USC that would allow hobby distilling.

      In PA, you are more likely to find real live moonshines rather than hobby distillers.  There is a very big difference between hobby distilling and moonshining, so don't expect moonshiners to do anything that will draw attention to themselves.  Many of those new generation moonshiners have turned to Meth labs which are much more profitable.

      Remember that PA is a very large state that is 90% rural, and most of the rural state doesn't have Internet.  When I worked in PA, I was lucky to find cell phone service unless it was located a major state highway.  It's not fair to dump on PA because no one has contacted you over PA Senator's.  Remember that PA Government used to own every spirit store in the state, and there are 100 times more churches in the state than bars or private clubs that serve spirits.

      From: Alli Bugger <allibugger@...>
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      Hello Everyone,
      I just got a notice from a fellow hobby distiller in Nebraska who printed and mailed copies of our proposal to his Senators. Apparently there are no home distillers in Pennsylvania since after all the asking, I got zero replies to send a copy to Senator Casey. Maybe the folks in PA don't have computers or color printers. Maybe they would rather sit back and let others do the work for them. Danger - don't walk behind an Amish buggy in that part of the country. What you step in may be the results of doing nothing. We will skin that carp another way.

      OK. Now it is Ohio's turn. You folks have two great Senators up there. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman. Who will vonuteer to send them a copy of our very well written changes to 26 USC? Who will Phone a Friend in another state and ask them to mail it for you? I mailed a copy yesterday and it cost me $1.84. Is this effort worth $1.84 to all you home distillers in Ohio or would you rather keep looking over your shoulder? I think you Ohioians should stress to your Senators the potential for countless small businesses and jobs that will result from the passage of this legislation. Just look at how many wineries and microbreweries have popped up all over the country as a result of the regulation change in 1974 that allowed home brewing and wine making. This is a no-brainer win-win folks. Don't let us down like your neighbors did. As always, you know how to reach us for help. http://www.brewhausforum.com/ or allibugger@....


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