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  • Alli Bugger
    Sep 3, 2013
      Hello All,
      We have a new plan that hopefully will appeal to some of this group.  It is called Phone a Friend - you know where that came from, right?
      OK, All you have to do is call an old buddy, a family member or an ex that you still speek with who liives in a different state than you.  Ask them if they would be willing to send our proposed legislation to one or both of their Senators (and any other congressional representative they wish).  The idea is to get 50 state coverage on getting the message to DC.  You can email it to them of copy it and mail it.  Don't forget that you need or have access to a color printer. If you  are having problems writing a cover letter (I am guessing that some folks are not sure what to say), let me know and I will send you a generic one.  I'll even address it to your senator(s).   
      Once the package has been mailed, you need to contact me either on this forum or at allibugger@... so I can add the Congressional names and date of mailing to the list of contacts.  I mailed two of these packages to friends over the weekend.  You can too. 
      Maybe when Yahooo gets its act back together and fixes the group sites, I will be able to post the spreadsheet on this site.  Otherwise you have to go to the Brewhaus Forum site. 
      Please help us get this done.   
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